The needs of the structure are many for stabilzation since it has been largely abandoned since deactivation in 1952. Here is the condensed list of what is needed.

    First - The tower needs to be re-assesed since the last survey has been around a decade ago. Two hurricanes have pounded the site since the last survey with the largest storm surge during Hurricane Ike in 2008. Additonal damage from the storms was noted, although not a large amount. Also, a 0.25-degree lean to the NW has been noted. The foundation needs be surveyed.

    Second - Access needs to be improved. While the gravel and dirt road is sufficent to reach Lighthouse Bayou most of the year, a bridge needs to be built. The bayou is around 75 feet wide and several feet deep. It is a navigable waterway and shallow draft vessels occasionally use the bayou to crab and fish. The bridge will be needed to carry supplies and scafalding to the tower which is about 75 feet south of the bayou.   (1)   (2)

    Third - The cracks in the tower need to be addressed. While cracks in the masonry tower were first noted in the Hurricane of 1886 the cracks at the top are now between one and two inches wide. The rusting cast iron from the stair treads are also serving to crack the interior masonry and need to be removed. Iron banding may keep the cracks from spreading more. Many bricks also need to be repointed and/or replaced in some parts of the tower.   (1)   (2)   (3)   (4)

    Fourth - The cast iron lantern and watch room may need to be removed and re-cast. Multiple cracks in the cast iron have been noted by drone footage and it is also heavily corroded with the top frame breaking away. Also, the glazing/windows and roof will need to be replaced.   (1)   (2)   (3)   (4)

    Fifth - Replace the spiral stairs for access to the top. The remnants of the heavily corroded stairs fell in Hurricane Ike. Regrade the dirt around the tower to allow water to flow away and not sit n the scour/eroded areas from storm surge near the base.   (1)   (2)   (3)

    To finish restoration the tower would need to be painted and perhaps a replica Fresnel Lens placed at the top. The remaining out buildings would also need to be repaired. The wharf, or at least a portion of it would need to be replaced. A museum to illustrate the history of the lighthouse and the maritime history of the lower Sabine River will also complete the site.