Lighthouse News

    On this page you will find the recent news of events concerning the Lighthouse and the Cameron Preservation Alliance. Check here often or better yet, become a member

    The Cameron Preservation Alliance hosted the Lighthouse Run on October 15th at Holly Beach. The beach run/walk was a fundraiser that raised $30,126. A portion of the funds have been used to analyze the mortar and bricks of the lighthouse to accurately find suitable replacements when the time comes.

    The sponsors of the run include Cheniere, Benton's Equipment and Construction, Bayou Construction, Targa Resources, MCP, Southern Bicycle Company, Botsky’s Premium Hotdogs, SWLA Tours, House of Sole, CCWard Photography, The Cameron Parish Tourist Commission, the Pavell/Domatti Family, and the Colligan Family, and the Dawson Family.

    For pictures and more information on the run, check out the Lighthouse Run Facebook Page.