Sabine Pass Lighthouse


Cheniere Energy

as our new Corporate Sponsor

Donating $2,000 to the preservation project was just the beginning in Cheniere's involvment in the restoration of the lighthouse. After aquiring the necessary permits and government approvals to build their new LNG terminal on the Sabine river, Cheniere committed to building an all weather road that will extend past their facility to the location of the lighthouse. Creating this road is a major milestone in the ongoing efforts to preserve one of the nations historical landmarks. As funding has been difficult to acquire, the cost of building the road was a huge burden.

With out the road, getting to the lighthouse was difficult except during the driest days which, if you are familiar with the Gulf Coast climate, isn't every often. This road will give visitors and potential donator's the ability to visit the lighthouse. We anticipate this will help increase the donar support and allow the preservation society to spend the money originally needed for the road on the lighthouse itself. The Cameron Preservation Alliance is extremely gratefull for Cheniere's commitment and their ongoing support.

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